Cinched Wasted Skirt

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! Hope everyone has fun outfits picked out, whether they are celebrating or just want to feel beautiful on a Wednesday!

Here is another great Amazon Find to help transition us from colder weather into the long awaited warmer days. This adorable skirt (under $20!) can be worn on snowy days with tights and an oversized sweater. It also has a cinched waste for adjustable length, so it’s great to wear (as pictured) higher up with a crop top (under $15) for a sexy, but classy feel. This look works perfectly for now as well as spring! For a summer look, just lose the sleeves.

Fringe Fashion


Photographer: Josh Gates


This budget buy is the perfect way to shake off the winter blues as we impatiently wait for summer festival season! With the flattering bodysuit and leather fringe skirt, it had me feeling like I was ready to dance the day away in the sun or star in a James Bond movie. This piece is very versatile and can be worn to any occasion where you want to stand out and feel great about yourself!

The fringe trend wasn’t to be left in the 20’s on flapper dresses, but came back into style full force last summer. It looks like this summer will be another fringe friendly one as boho trends stay in style and music festivals become more and more popular.

This piece isn’t just perfect for warmer days though, with the black material and leather fringe, it is a great statement outfit to wear right now in the winter with a wine colored bomber jacket or pairing it with a felt-rimmed hat to look effortlessly perfect among the fallen leaves in the fall.

Valentine’s Day Got Me Like


Styling by: @reeka_22

We have finally made it through January, which seemed to drag on forever, only to come out on the other side in a jungle of heart, flowers, and fuzzy pink things! If you are like me, I have never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, even when I am madly in love with someone. In the past if I was single, it just helped me rationalize my irrational fear that my personality was too big to be in a relationship. If I was in a relationship I felt an irrational pressure to make everything perfect, then overwhelming anxiety when I couldn’t afford it because I was a student or things didn’t go as planned.

During this month, I think I am going to focus on taking a step back and letting myself breath. Holidays should be fun and simple, but we have a habit as a society to let ourselves get swept away in all the fuss to the point where we start dreading these celebrations. I am challenging myself to focus on other types of love this month in the spirit of Valentine’s Day!


♡ Philia Love: I have so many incredible friends in my life, but as adults working towards careers, we don’t always prioritize spending time with each other. This month I want to make sure I am putting more effort into showing my friends that I love and care about them, even if it’s just writing on their Instagram post or shooting them a text.

Then for actual Valentine’s Day a couple friends and I are going to get all dressed up, go to Chick-fil-a, and see a movie!

♡ Storage/ Familiar Love: My sister moved to Montana and I am not always great at calling her to check in. So another goal for me this month is to make sure I am calling family members, who are not close enough to see, to check in on how they are doing. Everyone likes to know that they have family and friends who care about their wellbeing and I never want my loved ones to feel alone because I was too wrapped up in my life to pick up the phone.

♡ Philautia Love: Self-love! This is the most important type of love and should be given the most attention, especially in a month where people tend to be a little less nice to themselves. I am going to make sure I get enough sleep this month and that I do things that I love. I am going to take bubble baths and not answer texts when it feels overwhelming. I am not going to let other’s walk on me or let myself think bad things. So wear the pretty dress! Exercise! Go dancing! Eat the cake! Figure out what it is that you love and make it a priority!

It probably sounds cheesy, but being alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely, especially on a holiday! Make fun and simple plans with your friends on Valentine’s Day. Maybe buy yourself that shirt you keep eyeballing or those gorgeous flowers you passed in the grocery store to reward yourself for all the amazing things that you do. Don’t forget, you’re doing great!

Shoes: Aldo
Jacket: Amazon
Bodysuit: Marshalls/ Sophie B
 Sunnies: Charming Charlie
Letter Board: Target Dollar Section in store ! Similar Online
Rosé: Rosatello
Socks: Target 
Fuzzy Pink Pillow Case: Amazon
Faux fur Throw Blanket: Target

Jump(suit) Into Spring

Photographer: Liquid Lights Studio 

All of these random warm days have me day dreaming of bright colors! One trend that I think is here to stay and will continue into the rest of 2018 is the jumpsuit. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, a jumpsuit is adorable and comfortable! This jumpsuit is a perfect transition piece to have in your closet as we move towards those warm Spring days most of us have been waiting for. As the weather begins to warm up, you can pair it with a trendy faux fur jacket or a neautral color faux leather jacket, if you want to tone down the colors.

Want to know the best part? The jumpsuit is only TEN dollars and eligible for prime! The jacket is also budget friendly at $24, though sadly isn’t eligible for prime. I will say that I personally am very happy with the look and quality of the jacket, especially when comparing the price to others that I’ve seem.

What trends to you plan on carrying over into the Spring with you? I know I am going to keep rocking the space buns and chokers for far too long, but I can’t help it, I love both of those trends!

Journaling For the Soul


I recently started a joint journal and sketch pad all rolled into one, as a way to express myself and experiences through two different outlets. Journaling and art can be such great tools to therapeutically externalize your feelings in a way that is laid out there in front of your eyes to see. Once they are visually in front of you, it is then easier to sort through the emotions, honor the emotions, and then begin to let them go.

One way or another you have to get out your feelings, because if you keep them internalized they can come out in a way that will hurt yourself or others. Not to mention what it does to your health! So write it out, blog it out, draw it out, or talk it out- but get it out!

A new goal of mine is to be better about expressing my emotions and to stop letting fear dictate how I live my life. So I am going to share two of my journal pages that address the fear I have of never being satisfied in this life and briefly about my recent heartbreak. I am not good at letting myself be vulnerable and keep everything close to my chest, so even admitting to myself that the breakup affected me, is a step in the right direction towards healing.


Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 9.53.31 PM


Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 10.09.47 PM.png


Hope everyone spent some time focusing on themselves today! Don’t forget to be kind to yourself.


Winter is Here


Fashion is funny because it’s constantly moving forward and looking to the future. So right now the fashion world is already focused on Spring, while we’re still here shivering our way through winter in this Game of Thrones level storm!

With that being said I wanted to share a wonderful new discovery of mine: fleece lined faux leather pants— with POCKETS!! If you are like me, most of the time you are more concerned with looking good, than staying warm. That is until you’re actually out in the weather and completing regretting all the life decisions that led you to standing outside waiting for your Uber in negative degree weather in a mini dress and a fake leather jacket that does nothing, but hold in the cold. Plus the whole, being 26 and off my parent’s health insurance, has me more concerned on dressing weather appropriate, than I have been in the past.

Faux leather pants and thigh high boots are two of my favorite trends right now, because not only do both items make an outfit, but they also keep you warm! Faux leather pants keep you covered, but also make it look like you put a lot of effort into your outfit, even when you pair it with an over-sized and overly comfy sweater. While thigh high boots have the sex appeal that you want on a Saturday night, but still covers a good portion on your legs. Not to mention that there multiple things that you can wear under your boots to help keep you warm and stylist, such as tights and holey jeans!

Hope everyone is staying warm and fashionable during this snow storm!

Top: Target

Pants: Amazon

Scarf: Banana Republic

Boots: Gabriel Brothers

Dating Faux Pas

Photographer: Shaun Campbell

First dates are awkward whether you are meeting for the first time or have been friends for years. So it is my advice to keep things simple to try to eliminate unnecessary anxiety! There’s nothing worse than going to a location that you’re uncomfortable at, with someone you’re not comfortable with yet.

Everyone is different, but from my personal experience here are places that I would suggest avoiding:

  • Expensive restaurants
    • Money can be a touchy subject, so it’s best to keep the cost of the date well within a budget for everyone’s sake. Then whether one person or both are paying the bill, no one is left with regret or unease when the waiter brings the check. This also helps to avoid any feelings of obligation or resentment.
  • Overly fancy places
    • No one wants to go somewhere that they can’t pronounce something on the menu or aren’t sure exactly what the etiquette is (what the heck is the three pronged fork for??) when you are trying to make a good impression.
  • The movies
    • I think it’s best to be able to talk and get to know each other before sitting in a dark theater, where there are quite possibly teenagers who are making out around you.
    • This also means that there is a set time that you have to spend with the person. So even if you meet up to talk beforehand and things are not going smoothly, you then have the obligation of spending the length of the movie together, or the awkwardness of saying that you are no longer going.

It is also important, especially when meeting someone on a dating app for a first date, to have plans that have an easy escape, without cutting things short if things are going well. Here are some suggestion for simple and fool proof first date ideas:

  • Coffee shop
    • You can take as much or as little time in a coffee shop as you want, so this leaves the date more open-ended. There’s also an out when your coffee cup is empty, if the date isn’t going well, or the option for grabbing a refill if the conversation is flowing!
    • Plus it’s cost-efficient for everyone
  • Casual drinks
    • If you partake in adult beverages, this option, like the coffee shop, allows for less time restraints, while still offering wiggle room to leave. Restaurants typically have a time limit, because even if the waiter says “no rush” when they bring you the bill, the dirty looks from the long line in the lobby says differently.
    • When choosing a place to grab drinks, I would make sure it is somewhere that is more low key, so that you can have a conversation without yelling. But still somewhere that has a decent amount of foot traffic and a good reputation to keep things safe.
    • When I grab drinks with someone new, I like that I have the option of offering to take turns grabbing the rounds. This then eliminates any first date awkwardness when it comes to picking up the tab at the end of the night.
  • Taco joints!
    • This option depends on where you live, but there’s a lot of hole-in-the-wall places to grab made-to-order tacos in Pittsburgh.
    • Casual dining places like this goes along with our theme of  not being pressed for time. There’s enough people coming in and out that it’s safe, but no one serving you, so you can linger in that side booth for awhile if your date has great stories.
    • Tacos also have a variety of options for those who have dietary restraints as well.
    • Taco dives typically play fun music too and what better conversation starter than a song coming on that’s from your middle school days. Nothing breaks the ice like having a good laugh about how awkward you were in middle school and bonding over old trends.

These are just some things that I have come to realize now that I am back in the dating game. It is hard enough to meet someone when you are an adult with work obligations, without setting yourself up for failure with an overly complicated date. I would love to hear any fun dating stories or other date suggestions, so feel free to comment below to share!