Let’s Talk Swimsuits!

Photographer: Jeff Zoet
Size: M

The world looks a lot different this summer than the last time we switched out our sweaters for our swimsuits. But that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in a little self care but soaking up the sun on our decks, rooftops, and yards! So I wanted to share some recent Amazon finds that won’t break the bank (seriously why are swimsuits so expensive when there’s hardly any fabric?)!

Photographer: Jeff Zoet

This strappy one piece is only $20 and all 6 color options are available on Prime!

Size: S, but a bit snug

Or if you’re looking for a trendy way to even out your strap tan lines, this adorable, high waisted, bandeau two piece is the perfect option! If the leopard print isn’t quite your style, this cut comes in 29 different patterns and are all under $30.

Hope this helped give you some options for feeling your best this summer! Tag me on Instagram @reeka_22 if you decide to purchase because I would love to see! There’s also a link in my bio to shop all my I Amazon finds.

Red Velvet

Photographer: Jeff Zoet Visuals @jeffzoetvisuals

Looking for the perfect dress to paint the town red for Valentine’s or Galentine’s day? Well this dress is the perfect head turner and you can’t beat a stylish dress with sleeves during these winter months. It also comes in 7 different colors, is only $20, and is available for Prime!

Photographer: Jeff Zoet Visuals @jeffzoetvisuals

Photographer: Jeff Zoet Visuals @jeffzoetvisuals

Aladdin on Tour

Aladdin Official Site

I had the incredible opportunity to see the Pittsburgh run of the Broadway production of “Aladdin” last night in the historical Benedum Theatre ! If you have a free night before the cast moves on to a new city on the 10th, this show is a must see.

I am a huge musical buff and I have to say, this is by far one of the best productions I have seen in years. Between the glamour costumes, the intricate backgrounds/props, fireworks, magic tricks, and talented singers- there was something to keep everyone enthralled. Due to this elaborate, stimulating effects, I would warn against anyone going who has sensory issues.

The only problem I had with the show was that the stage combat with the swords seemed a little sloppy. Other than that though, I thought the company adapted the screen version extremely well to fit the constructs of the stage and left nothing to be desired. Instead of the beloved Abu, Aladdin had three friends who added a lot to the humor and the plot, allowing the play to feel whole without the adorable creature. Along with Iago being a human, but the makeup artists and costume desires did a wonderful job mimicking the aesthetics of the cartoon version. The actor even delivered a line to make a joke about the change. The entire play was filled with humor that had the audience rolling. The genie himself could have had a one man show, he was that funny! There were so many lines that were personalized to the culture of the characters, Pop culture, and Pittsburgh itself.

Then of course there was the magic carpet scene was breath taking and worth the ticket price alone.

Dating Faux Pas

Photographer: Shaun Campbell

First dates are awkward whether you are meeting for the first time or have been friends for years. So it is my advice to keep things simple to try to eliminate unnecessary anxiety! There’s nothing worse than going to a location that you’re uncomfortable at, with someone you’re not comfortable with yet.

Everyone is different, but from my personal experience here are places that I would suggest avoiding:

  • Expensive restaurants
    • Money can be a touchy subject, so it’s best to keep the cost of the date well within a budget for everyone’s sake. Then whether one person or both are paying the bill, no one is left with regret or unease when the waiter brings the check. This also helps to avoid any feelings of obligation or resentment.
  • Overly fancy places
    • No one wants to go somewhere that they can’t pronounce something on the menu or aren’t sure exactly what the etiquette is (what the heck is the three pronged fork for??) when you are trying to make a good impression.
  • The movies
    • I think it’s best to be able to talk and get to know each other before sitting in a dark theater, where there are quite possibly teenagers who are making out around you.
    • This also means that there is a set time that you have to spend with the person. So even if you meet up to talk beforehand and things are not going smoothly, you then have the obligation of spending the length of the movie together, or the awkwardness of saying that you are no longer going.

It is also important, especially when meeting someone on a dating app for a first date, to have plans that have an easy escape, without cutting things short if things are going well. Here are some suggestion for simple and fool proof first date ideas:

  • Coffee shop
    • You can take as much or as little time in a coffee shop as you want, so this leaves the date more open-ended. There’s also an out when your coffee cup is empty, if the date isn’t going well, or the option for grabbing a refill if the conversation is flowing!
    • Plus it’s cost-efficient for everyone
  • Casual drinks
    • If you partake in adult beverages, this option, like the coffee shop, allows for less time restraints, while still offering wiggle room to leave. Restaurants typically have a time limit, because even if the waiter says “no rush” when they bring you the bill, the dirty looks from the long line in the lobby says differently.
    • When choosing a place to grab drinks, I would make sure it is somewhere that is more low key, so that you can have a conversation without yelling. But still somewhere that has a decent amount of foot traffic and a good reputation to keep things safe.
    • When I grab drinks with someone new, I like that I have the option of offering to take turns grabbing the rounds. This then eliminates any first date awkwardness when it comes to picking up the tab at the end of the night.
  • Taco joints!
    • This option depends on where you live, but there’s a lot of hole-in-the-wall places to grab made-to-order tacos in Pittsburgh.
    • Casual dining places like this goes along with our theme of  not being pressed for time. There’s enough people coming in and out that it’s safe, but no one serving you, so you can linger in that side booth for awhile if your date has great stories.
    • Tacos also have a variety of options for those who have dietary restraints as well.
    • Taco dives typically play fun music too and what better conversation starter than a song coming on that’s from your middle school days. Nothing breaks the ice like having a good laugh about how awkward you were in middle school and bonding over old trends.

These are just some things that I have come to realize now that I am back in the dating game. It is hard enough to meet someone when you are an adult with work obligations, without setting yourself up for failure with an overly complicated date. I would love to hear any fun dating stories or other date suggestions, so feel free to comment below to share!

New Year, New Dress, and a New Return

The end of 2017 was a rough time for me, filled with a lot of transitions, so I decided to bring in 2018 feeling confident in myself! So I splurged on a new dress, courtesy of a Black Friday promo code, from Lulus.

I have zero complaints about this number and suggest it for anyone who is going to a fancy event and wants to channel old Hollywood vibes for the night! The material was thick and of good quality, though the sequins did come off some, but that is to be expected. I am almost 5’8 and had to wear heels for the skirt to fall at the right height, so my shorter glitter lovers would have to get it hemmed. Another perk of the length- I wore extremely comfortable bootie heels so that I could dance the night away without my feet hurting, since they were invisible for the most part.

Now for my NYE fail! I wanted a fuzzy pink jacket to keep me warm, while still being fashion forward, so true to form, I ordered this style from Amazon. Despite looking adorable when thrown over my shoulders, if you actually tried to wear it as coats were intended to be, it was extremely unflattering. The coat sleeves landed about three inches above my wrists (though again I am tall), but it was also extremely boxy and despite being a small size, set unflatteringly away from my body.

I ordered two more styles (thank goodness for prime returns) to continue my hunt for the perfect trendy fuzzy jacket! I will keep everyone posted with the findings.

Hope everyone’s New Year has been as glamorous as I felt on NYE! Have a safe and healthy week.

A Little Lace


Happy Thursday! Wanted to share a positive experience for my first post. I am an avid Amazon shopper, so I have had items show up on my doorstep on all sides of the quality spectrum. It can be a bit of a gamble when you click that purchase button, because sometimes you end up with a product that looks nothing like the pictures you saw on the site! I plan on sharing my purchasing experiences with everyone on here and I am happy to say that this fashion forward, little red dress not only looked like the pictures, but had great quality material as well. Here is the link!

Photographer: Josh Gates