Aladdin on Tour

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I had the incredible opportunity to see the Pittsburgh run of the Broadway production of “Aladdin” last night in the historical Benedum Theatre ! If you have a free night before the cast moves on to a new city on the 10th, this show is a must see.

I am a huge musical buff and I have to say, this is by far one of the best productions I have seen in years. Between the glamour costumes, the intricate backgrounds/props, fireworks, magic tricks, and talented singers- there was something to keep everyone enthralled. Due to this elaborate, stimulating effects, I would warn against anyone going who has sensory issues.

The only problem I had with the show was that the stage combat with the swords seemed a little sloppy. Other than that though, I thought the company adapted the screen version extremely well to fit the constructs of the stage and left nothing to be desired. Instead of the beloved Abu, Aladdin had three friends who added a lot to the humor and the plot, allowing the play to feel whole without the adorable creature. Along with Iago being a human, but the makeup artists and costume desires did a wonderful job mimicking the aesthetics of the cartoon version. The actor even delivered a line to make a joke about the change. The entire play was filled with humor that had the audience rolling. The genie himself could have had a one man show, he was that funny! There were so many lines that were personalized to the culture of the characters, Pop culture, and Pittsburgh itself.

Then of course there was the magic carpet scene was breath taking and worth the ticket price alone.

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